Food poisoning?

Food poisoning?

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Hi there,

So this might be an odd question, but I was reading the Wikitravel for Antigua, and it more or less says that we will get food poisoning. I included a few quotes from the article below. Is this really something we need to worry about? We have a short timeframe in Guatemala and would prefer to not spend any of our days stuck in our room sick :). I would really hate to miss out on some good ceviche and fresh salads, but if we avoid those and street vendors, and of course don't drink the water, should we be fine?

"If you are lucky, you will not have any illnesses in Antigua. However, most long term visitors will encounter a case of food poisoning or bacterial or viral enteritis." ...

"Most cases of food poisoning or intestinal infections can be blamed on street vendors with unrefrigerated sauces or paste; but home cooked meals can also be the blame due to lack of education and sanitation by some home families. Street vendor food is cheap, but you should avoid it unless you have been eating it daily. A virgin stomach often can not handle the common bacterial toxins found in unrefrigerated sauces, slaws, and cold marinades." ...

"It is best to avoid ceviche due to potential risk of bacteria like cholera. Fresh salads should not be consumed for concern of contaminated irrigation water. Strawberries has been known to pass hepatitis A due to contaminated irrigation water."

Please help.

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