What drug causes most HPPD?

What drug causes most HPPD?

Сообщение carterturner » Пт авг 18, 2017 8:28 pm

My friend searched the forums for awhile and couldnt find a thread on this so decided to make one.

In your guys opinion what is the worst drug in terms of HPPD?

This could really help with harm reduction as nobody wants to have hallucinogenic perceptual persistence disorder. My friend would have to say that LSD is one of the worst, and the flashbacks add to the fun. But can only say this based on what he has read.

Personally he has experienced HPPD himself from a binge of mushrooms when he was younger. It was only slight visual disturbances but nothing to warrant any concern. It seemed to last for probably 1-2 years. Slowly faded away, as swim had quite an absence of hallucinogen use.

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