The Atomic Bomb Started the Modern Environmental Movement

The Atomic Bomb Started the Modern Environmental Movement

Сообщение carterturner » Сб авг 19, 2017 7:46 pm

I was born around the time of Russia's first bomb test. The world's oceans now have over 5 billion Hiroshima bombs worth of extra heat, presently accelerating global ice melt and releasing methane hydrates, also exponential.
The only thing left that can stop the process is a Toba event man made by buried nukes lifting hundreds of cubic miles of aerosols in several lifts 5 years apart. A 15 year winter could refreeze the Arctic and cool the oceans, with most life in a state of dormancy. They also could have stopped the overpopulation before it caused runaway heat gain by HGHGs to +1.5*C over preindustrial(1.52*C 4/2016 on). They are a final cure that is almost as bad as the problem, which is extinction of all surface life except for some species of bacteria, jellyfish, and thermal vent/deep underground species.
I think it started with "Silent Spring". It probably ends with a greater and faster than Permian extinction with the same mechanism of methane turnover, @ +6*C 2028.7 (Dr. Malcolm Light), on the way to a thermal max of +14*C, with 30 million years back to full evolved diversity. Wake me up when we get there.

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