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Properties of substance:




Empirical formula (Hill's system for organic substances):


Structural formula:


Molar/atomic mass: 157.296

Melting point (°C):


Boiling point (°C):


Solubility (g/100 g of solvent):

1-butanol: 9.5 (-40°C) [Ref.]
1-butanol: 30.8 (-20°C) [Ref.]
1-butanol: 182 (0°C) [Ref.]
1-butanol: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
methyl ethyl ketone: 10 (-20°C) [Ref.]
methyl ethyl ketone: 65 (0°C) [Ref.]
methyl ethyl ketone: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
acetone: 6.6 (-20°C) [Ref.]
acetone: 54 (0°C) [Ref.]
acetone: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
acetonitrile: 2.8 (-20°C) [Ref.]
acetonitrile: 12.7 (0°C) [Ref.]
acetonitrile: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
benzene: 395 (10°C) [Ref.]
benzene: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
butyl acetate: 13.3 (-20°C) [Ref.]
butyl acetate: 69 (0°C) [Ref.]
butyl acetate: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
water: slightly soluble [Ref.]
hexane: soluble [Ref.]
diethyl ether: 1.4 (-40°C) [Ref.]
diethyl ether: 12.1 (-20°C) [Ref.]
diethyl ether: 86 (0°C) [Ref.]
diethyl ether: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
i-propanol: 11.1 (-40°C) [Ref.]
i-propanol: 49 (-20°C) [Ref.]
i-propanol: 228 (0°C) [Ref.]
i-propanol: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
methanol: 31 (-40°C) [Ref.]
methanol: 172 (-20°C) [Ref.]
methanol: 550 (0°C) [Ref.]
methanol: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
carbon tetrachloride: 10.5 (-20°C) [Ref.]
carbon tetrachloride: 57 (0°C) [Ref.]
carbon tetrachloride: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
acetic acid: soluble [Ref.]
chloroform: 17.7 (-40°C) [Ref.]
chloroform: 43 (-20°C) [Ref.]
chloroform: 148 (0°C) [Ref.]
chloroform: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
cyclohexane: 318 (10°C) [Ref.]
cyclohexane: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
ethanol: 8.5 (-40°C) [Ref.]
ethanol: 91 (-20°C) [Ref.]
ethanol: 350 (0°C) [Ref.]
ethanol: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]
ethyl acetate: 14.8 (-20°C) [Ref.]
ethyl acetate: 69 (0°C) [Ref.]
ethyl acetate: miscible (20°C) [Ref.]


0.951 (20°C, d4)

Index of refraction:

1.437 (20°C)

Vapour pressure (Torr):

10 (95.8°C)


    pKBH+ (1) = 10.64 (25°C, water)

    Flash point (°C):



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